From now on, you can analyze the profile you're looking at directly on Instagram, without having to go to the influData page. With the Chrome Extension you can analyze creators directly on their Instagram profile. No need to copy and paste usernames anymore. This saves you a lot of time because you get all the quality analyses at a glance:

  • You now have every KPI and metric available in the Chrome Extension, such as profile stats (engagement rate and views/plays per post/reel/story)

  • You’ll be able to see all quality and detail scores: This means that all of the influencer’s audience, performance and engagement data can be viewed on their Instagram profile. You can also identify suspicious activities, such as follow-unfollow activities or fake followers, at a glance.

  • With the Chrome Extension, you can add influencers to your collection directly on Instagram.

  • You can also add influencers to your favorites directly via the Chrome Extension, and also remove creators from your favorites list.

The Chrome Extension is available for all Pro and All-In users.