Search not only for Creator or Brands but for Content! Our brand new Content Search offers Content Filters but also Creator Filters. Select a time interval and whether you are looking for Posts, Reels, Stories and/or TikToks!

  • Find content that match your keywords in a certain region, like the best vegan posts, stories and reels in a city or even within a certain region. You can detect content that matches your style without clicking through creator profiles.

  • Enter your brand account and see all content that tagged or even mentioned your brand. The sorting is based on the reach and easily identify the posts, stories and reels that reached the biggest audience. This is the best way to identify new creators for your next campaign.

  • Find content that was posted within a certain region or that even tagged a specific location, like a shop or an event. If needed, you can set a radius around that location to include a wider range of content pieces.

  • Limit the timeline and only find content that was posted within the last days. You can also use the timeline to check for the trends of certain keywords or brand mentions.

  • Filter by language, reach, content format or creator metrics to show only relevant postings, based on your target group.

Content Search is available for Instagram and TikTok and is free of charge for all All-In customers.