influData Overlap provides information about followers who appear on two or more Influencer accounts.

We offer an overall comparison that shows the percentage of followers that are not unique within the collection and appear in more than one audience. Therefore, a higher percentage means that homogeneity is high and more people are reached by a campaign across all influencers in that collection two or more times.

The single comparison provides the overlap between two specific influencers and shows the percentage of overlap. This percentage is always calculated from the lower number of followers between the two influencers. By moving the mouse the tiles you can see the number of followers that overlap. Please note that active and engaged followers are used to compare the overlap.

Please note: You must have activated the audience reports of all influencers in the collection in order to see the overlap. After that, it takes a few minutes until we have calculated the overlaps. Please also make sure that only influencers from one platform are in the collection.