We worked for over 2 years with data from Instagram influencers and over 6 months with data from TikTok influencers. We did many calculations and developed powerful tools to get the best information out of publicly accessible data. We are confident to provide you with an accurate first impression via our Quality Score that you can use to filter influencers that are not worth working with. This will save you a lot of time and frustration. 

Getting insights into the follower base (gender and location distribution) will nearly be impossible without contacting the influencer or spending a lot of time exploring followers, likers, and commenters. Finding out if any mass or suspicious accounts will help you know who will actually see posts. All of this is possible via our Audience Analysis

We also show you the growth rate of the followers via our Follower History Graph, so you can estimate at which time the followers were gained and if this number will go up or down in the future. 

A beneficial metric is the Views per Post. This calculated number will tell you how many people actually see a post on average. Obviously, this number can vary a lot, e.g., if some posts go viral and other posts don't, but we still believe that this number is more helpful than the number of followers itself. Aged influencer accounts can have many inactive accounts, whereas newer influencers on Instagram tend to have very few inactive accounts. All of this doesn't matter if you only look for Views per Post. 

Every brand is quite interested in the number of people that actually see posts.

Besides these metrics, we show everything that you also find on the platform itself, so you don't need to spend time switching from influData to Instagram and provide you with the country, city, and gender of the influencers (if we have this information) and, of course, the email address in many cases.