Search by keywords

This is a free text field and you can enter anything to identify the niche you want to reach. You can use general keywords like "beauty" but also specific ones like "baby shower". Our algorithm searches for your keywords in the influencer's bio and captions, hashtags, and mentions.

Should you enter more than one term, we will show the relevant ones - the influencers that match the most keywords - further up and influencers that are less relevant further down. The suggested keywords are based on what other hashtags are used by these influencers.

Search for a mention (@mention)

Alternatively, you can search for mentions and find influencers who have mentioned or tagged your brand, your competitors or, for example, similar brands in their stories, posts or reels. Please note that a mention must start with "@" followed by the username.

It is not possible to search for multiple mentions at the same time, but you can search for a mention and keywords or other search parameters at the same time.