You can use our search to filter the location of the influencer by country and by city. When you choose the country search, you will find influencers that added their country to their bio, in their post captions or tagged their locations within the published posts. 

We use our algorithm to determine which country has the highest probability the given influencer originated or at least is located most of the time. 

Only one country can be determined per influencer, so especially influencers that travel a lot and are rarely in one location, the results may be misleading. Therefore we recommend to use our audience search which gives you the exact location of the influencer's followers.

The search by city works similar to the country search. Is one influencer based in different cities, then we will add the city this influencer was located most recently and which city was tagged most frequently in the latest posts. Since we offer the audience' location by city, you might want to check our audience reports for more information. 

We recommend to only use the search by country and city, if this is particularly important to you, since the search results will be lower and won't include influencers that didn't publish any information about their location.