influData is a high-performance search engine and analytics tool, with which you can find content creators, brands, and influencers on TikTok,YouTube and Instagram and analyze the value for your brand. It is a helpful tool for anyone who works with influencers and content creators or is looking forward to starting. From individuals, marketers, and small businesses to big companies and social-media agencies, influData offers different packages that are suitable for occasional or daily use.

We provide data of over 20 million accounts from all over the world. You can filter your search by country, city, gender, and add keywords, or use our suggestions, that fit your brand's niche. Besides that, we provide you with up-to-date quality indicators and graphs regarding follower history and most recent Brand Mentions

Additionally features include the ability to create your own collections and see influencers’ contact details. We also offer Audience Reports for Instagram, Youtube and TikTok influencers and Influencer Tracking for Instagram.